Sunday, 16 December 2012


The donor vehicle was well past it and my initial ideas for making a chair were halted by the severe rust to pretty much all of the components I had planned to use.

 These are some of Kevin's original sketches that were doodled up as we discussed what could be used from the tractor.

After some time brutalising the te20, we were able to assemble this together so we could get an idea about sizes and if the design would actually work.

Back in the workshop welding it altogether and figuring out some of the problems.

The front of the chair design changed to widen it as the deer hides were slightly larger than anticipated, making the finished product loads more comfy, this was done using an old leaf spring.

I was able to test the chair thanks to a large pile of inner tubes I had lying about.

The finished frame at Bill Amberg's and the leather being sized up before cutting.

Beautiful stitching and cutouts around the joints, and the finished chair in full reclined position.

The shed door knocker was made from the mooring pin and toy wheel that was salvaged from the canal.

The weather vain was made from bits of the shed that was blown up at the end of the program using the door bolt for the cock's face. It was great to be involved in this project, roll on the next series.

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